S/Y Babette Sails to the Caribbean

S/Y Babette sails to the Caribbean, carefully avoiding the Pirates, and then sails back again to Norway.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Anchoring in the moonlight

Our forth day out; the seas have calmed a bit. Things are looking up. The wind is now directly behind us so we have goose-winged the genoa and main sail. "Lille Per" wind pilot, is fabulous. We steer slightly off our highway, but manage to zig-zag slightly back to track.

This is tonights dinner:

"Chili con carne ála Babette"
Slice and sauté 3 small onions, a small package of bacon , 3 or 4 potatos, about 8 mushrooms, garlic, 2 large tomatoes. Add a can of chilibeans and a can of diced tomatoes , with herbs, or add them!. Simmer 10- 20 min. Eat with, relatively, cold beer, as the distace to Madeira decreases.

The sun sets spectacularly at about 8pm. The almost full moon is out, lighting our path. With several hours to go we can also follow the Porto Santo lighthouse' blink in the distanse.
Under steep volcanic cliffs we round the outlying peninsula and barely avoid the unlit concrete moorings outside the harbour. We enter. Now we have to try anchoring by moonlight.

There are some obstacles inside too. Rings of small buoys, unlit rowboats and sailboats, a ferry landing area, fishing-boat traffic. We try out two different spots before we're satisfied with a third. At 1am we can finally enjoy supper and an anchor dram.

Now, breath out.


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